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Providing Exceptional Childcare Through Personalised Service

At Guppy’s Early Learning Centres, we believe in personalised service to suit the unique needs of children and providing them with the opportunity to explore the world around them to discover their passion for learning. As Queensland’s leading personalised childcare providers, our long daycare centres can be found across the state and are committed to giving children their best start in life.

Why Guppy’s is the Right Choice for Your Family

When children explore the world through their interests and are challenged at the right pace learning becomes engaging and fun.

We see the benefits of personalising childcare programs every day and we are passionate about creating lessons which nurture lifelong skills. We aim to ensure your child’s transition between home life, early learning and primary education is as seamless as possible. That is why our programs strongly emphasise play-based learning while recognising the importance of developing emotional, social, communicative skills early in life. We believe responsive, meaningful, and respectful interactions are the foundation of quality education and we will actively encourage your contribution and participation to personalise your child’s learning journey.

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