Update on centres – Thursday 03/03/2022 - Guppy's Early Learning Centres

Update on centres – Thursday 03/03/2022

Guppy’s Early Learning Centres – Beerwah: Loss of power means we may not be able to open Thursday 3/3/2022


Due to the continuation of extreme weather events in S/E QLD, roads closures due to flooding and loss of power, Guppys Early Learning at Beerwah (10 Greber rd, Beerwah), may not be able to open today.

There currently is no electricity to the Beerwah area and hence the centre can not operate without power (for lights, air conditioning, and general operation).

We will keep you updated when power is restored and the centre is operational, but this is unlikely today.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your centre manager or our head office team at (07) 3861 4597.

We apologise for any convivence caused during this difficult time, but we want to ensure all staff, families and children are safe at all times. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Thank you and best regards

Guppy’s Early Learning Centres