Further Update – SEQ Flooding - Guppy's Early Learning Centres

Further Update – SEQ Flooding

Guppy’s Early Learning Centres – Change to services due to Extreme Weather Event in South-East QLD


Due to the extreme weather event in S/E QLD, and the isolation of staff, Guppy’s group has announced the following changes to services for Tuesday 01/03/2022:

  1. All courtesy bus services will be suspended in S/E QLD…Wulguru and Frenchville bus services will operate as normal
  2. The following childcare centres will not open on Tuesday 01/03/2022:
    1. Guppy’s Early Learning – Kingston (1 Mary St Kingston)
  3. All other childcare centres will open and operate as normal, but this may change if the weather or events changes as well, but we will keep all families and relevant stakeholders updated

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your centre manager or our head office team at (07) 38614597.


We apologise for any convivence caused during this difficult time, we want to ensure all staff, families and children are always safe. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Thank you and best regards,

Guppy’s Early Learning Centres