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The importance of a quality early childhood education cannot be underestimated. Guppy’s Early Learning Centre aims to provide all of our families with convenient personalised care and a strong understanding of early years learning and engagement.

Service philosophy

Our vision is ‘to provide exceptional childcare through personalised service.’ This is built upon the ethos of respect – respect for children, their families and for the educators. This respect will be conveyed through every action taken and decision made in regards to the running of the service.

At Guppy’s we strive to provide an early education service that is based upon the guiding principles of the National Quality Framework, which encompasses the Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place Framework, and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline. We believe in designing an environment where children feel safe and secure and which provides them the opportunity to develop themselves in their own unique way through discovery and exploration. At Guppy’s we believe that programs should reflect on the needs and interests of the children. We encourage children to engage in many different forms of learning through play, exploration, self- expression, critical thinking and problem solving. We will ensure that the service programs, policies and procedures reflect, respect and are align with National Quality Standards and the service philosophy.

At Guppy’s we recognise all children as individuals regardless of their cultural background, disability, gender, beliefs and attitudes. All children are to be treated equally without bias or judgement. Individual efforts and skills are encouraged, recognised and appreciated and this is reflected through the service programs. No children are excluded on ground of gender, disability or behaviour.

At Guppy’s we believe in enhancing children’s self-esteem through interactions, developmentally appropriate experiences, and relationships between children and educators forged on mutual trust and respect. We equip children with life skills that will enable them to experience fulfilling and rewarding participation within the community through providing opportunities to work together co-operatively, to explore human relationships and to practice non-violent conflict resolution strategies.

At Guppy’s we weave multiculturalism into the institutional fabric of our centre. We share different cultures and beliefs with children without bias and discrimination, and plan various experiences that make learning an enjoyable experience and encourage acceptance and respect of different cultures. We ensure that all meals and snacks provided are fresh, culturally appropriate and nutritionally well balanced. Safe food handling and hygiene practices are observed at all times. In planning our menus, we endeavour to accommodate the needs and wishes of our families.

At Guppy’s we aim to provide a sustainable learning environment and incorporate nature-based teaching in our service programs. We promote sustainable practices and teach children the importance of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Our aims & objectives continue to develop as we capture new insights into early childhood development and our team is committed to incorporating novel and appropriate concepts into our programs, acquiring new skills and knowledge through professional development, upholding child protection and providing a secure and nurturing environment for each child.

At Guppy’s we believe strongly in partnerships with families and the community. We invite and encourage our families and the greater community to participate in programs and contribute to decision making. Information regarding current practices within the service and the community is regularly made available to all families. Ideas and strategies are shared and feedback sought to effect continuous improvement within the service.

We provide

  • The best quality Early Education and Kindergarten for children aged 6 weeks to school age
  • Menu created within the Australian nutritional healthy eating guidelines and prepared daily by a qualified Cook – please check your centre’s locations tab as this service is not available at all locations
  • Specialised sports and yoga programs designed by sports professionals
  • All Sunscreen and wipes provided, in addition to assistance with toilet training
  • High level security and surveillance ensures peace of mind
  • Parent’s online portal for access to children portfolios and progress reports
  • Dedicated interactive whiteboards in the kindergarten rooms
  • Spacious dynamic playground and equipment

Free Bus service for school and early learning attending children – please check your centres locations tab as this service is not available at all locations.

Opening Hours

  • We are open 52 weeks per year, excluding public holidays
  • 6.30am – 6.00pm, Monday to Friday please check the location tab to ensure this is correct for your centre