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Way's to re-purpose old shirts

At our Guppy’s Early Learning Centre’s we provide all of our staff with uniforms, this helps with making everyone look uniform and apart of the team. But, what happens with these shirts when they get a bit too old to wear? A large part of our practice is to recycle so we are now starting to recycle our old polo shirts into useful things to use around our centre or to donate.

These are our Guppy’s Tote bags – We use these internally to take promotional stock and new uniforms to our other centres, they are easy to make and are comfortable to carry and come in assorted sizes for different items that we transport.

Rag rugs, these take the most time to make and quite a few shirts but, when finished make a wonderful washable addition to our rooms or offices.

We often have RSPCA donation events at our various centres and make Dog toys from our recycled shirts!

How wonderful are our matching scarves made out of old uniforms, speckled with a spray of bleach these make interesting and very warm scarves with a talking point.

Then finally we make T shirt yarn to donate to various charities that crochet this into practical items for the homeless. What is t shirt yarn? A unique way of cutting old shirts into strips so that it makes one long string from one shirt we then roll this into balls and then it is transformed into something new instead of ending up in landfill.

Who would have thought that you could accomplish so much with an old shirt, we encourage you to try these at home or if you have another fantastic idea that we can use to re-purpose old shirts please let us know!

Check out our board on Pinterest for more great idea's on re-purposing old clothing!

Happy Re-purposing,

Suzanne Parker

General Manager/Owner