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Warm Weather = Toilet Training Season

With warmer weather comes the ideal temperature to allow children to start taking that large developmental leap into Toilet Training. This is a time where parents and educators together can work closely to ensure that the child feels supported and encouraged into this new step forward in independence and ultimately no more nappy changes! These are some tips that we have found help with the toilet training process, please remember that every child is different, we also would recommend the following toilet training system that many families have had success with.

Our Tips:

Use Transitional Steps - Get your child comfortable with sitting on a potty – this can start as early as you like! A lot of parents have said that when their child has started walking, while they are waiting for the bath to fill the child can sit on the potty and sing songs together – this helps children to recognise that it’s not scary and new when Toilet training actually starts to occur. There is no pressure or expectation on a child this early they are just enjoying the experience and waiting for every toddler’s favourite time BUBBLE BATH TIME!

Familiarise Toileting – Reading books about toileting, role playing going to the potty with teddies or dolls that drink and wee are great and fun ways to get your child familiar with going to the potty and what they should expect.

Know the signs – There are a few tell tale signs that you should start introducing potty training. Waking up from Sleeps with a dry nappy or going long periods with dry nappies. Your child might start showing interest in going to the toilet or toilet activities. The biggest sign is your child indicates when that have been or are going to the toilet in their nappies!

Consistency is key – Once you decide that your child is ready to start toilet training, ensure this is communicated to everyone who looks after your child so that everyone is on the same page. This helps your child to have constant support and encouragement in toileting. Ensure that once you start with going nappy less during the day you stick with it, only putting a nappy on for long car trips or sleeps and ensure this is consistent so that your little one doesn’t get confused as to when they need to potty or when the nappy with “catch” it.

Make it fun – Reward with stickers/ Stamps or a special song and a hi five, Children will be excited to participate if you are proud and excited for them. Accidents happen, it’s okay move on don’t be upset at your child for something they are trying their best to learn. The best moment of all is going undie shopping and picking out the most exciting pairs of undies for your little one together!

There are heaps of free resources online like reward charts, handwashing posters and notation charts for keeping tabs on your child’s personal potty timing.

Hope this helps to make toilet training a little bit easier on your family and your child – Remember that you can always ask our friendly Educators if you need any more help or tips with regards to any stage in your child’s development.

Happy No Nappy Season,

Suzanne Parker

General Manger/Owner