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The Importance of great sleep

Its this time of the year that the glimmer that was the holiday season and the rest and recovery that these days bring are starting to wear of and we are looking so forward to the next long break, everyone is starting to get tired, Parents and their children. Our lives seem to be becoming increasingly busier and busier, sleep is becoming more important, do we all get enough? Why is sleep so important for children and their parents, you might be surprised as to the benefits of great sleep in children!

  1. LEARNING - Sleep has been shown to be important for maturation of infants’ brains and consolidation of their memories
  2. MEMORY RETENTION - Several studies have shown that babies with more efficient night-time sleep (greater percentage of time spent asleep during the night) had higher cognitive scores
  3. MOOD – Getting enough quality sleep helps to regulate the hormones needed within the brain to help with mood control.
  4. GROWTH – When you sleep this is when your body repairs, rebuilds and grows.

I guess this comes as no surprise as a parent I know how I feel when I have had a great night sleep verses a fragmented sleep where I have greeted the morning with blurry eyes and a less than bright attitude to the forth coming day.

So, what can we do to help everyone get a great night sleep here are a few suggestions:

A bedtime routine that works for your family – whether it is Dinner, Bath, Stories then kisses goodnight at roughly the same time or a regimented routine from a baby book constancy is key here and following the lead that you set for your children until they settle into the routine.

A comfortable and relaxing Bed/Bedroom – Removing toys, electronics from your child’s room and encouraging the bedroom and bed’s use for sleeping only will train the brain to associate the room with sleeping only. Having a comfortable bed is also key to ensuring great sleep check that your children’s mattress and pillows are comfortable.

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Please see some more great ideas from the Australian sleep health foundation – Here

There have been studies on herbs and natural remedies but, a lot of this does not have enough human consistent study to ensure that it is a proven sleep help. Lavender, hops and Chamomile are said to help ease anxiety that might lead to sleep disruption. Sometimes changing the sheets and changing around the bedroom can be a great start to better sleep – Let us know what helps you and your family get a great night sleep.

Here’s to Great Sleep,

Suzanne Parker

General Manger/Owner