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DIY Herb Paints Activity

While providing a variety of experiences for the Children that come into our care often we look to see if there is a way that we could better these experiences, whether it be changing the texture, adding something to increase sensory stimulation or thinking about the way we are setting up our thought process for the future. These DIY herb paints can provide these elements to our children as well as being safe to ingest rather than normal paints just being Non-Toxic.

In our experience you can make up these paints using a variety of mediums which will also change the texture, so they can feel like a completely different activity each time. Powdered herbs provide the colours also peace of mind as you know they are all natural and not harmful if ingested they are in fact nutritious.

Turmeric = orange

Mustard = light yellow (just buy the seeds and turn them to powder in your spice grinder)

Spirulina = dark green

Beet Root = red

Bilberry Fruit = purple

Activated Charcoal = black

Arrowroot = white

So once the colours have been sourced you can mix with any of the following mediums to provide different textures

  • Water – Think water colour paintings
  • Kaolin Clay – Will also need a liquid of our choice but is a white medium that thickens and makes a nice base colour for the powdered herbs
  • Psyllium husk – natural clear thickener (Also can be used to make slime)
  • Glycerine (Food Grade) – Very spreadable but, a bit runny
  • Flour – Similar to clay but could be mixed quite thickly or made into naturally coloured playdough
  • Salt or Sugar – (Be careful that not too much is ingested) crystals coloured onto the pages

Or be creative there are so many different items that could be used that are food safe, that could be found in your kitchen or even a combination of mediums to create an amazing new texture. Have your children experiment with you expand the experience with them.

Happy Painting,

Suzanne Parker

General Manger/Owner