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The Importance of Childhood Friendships

This morning I am grateful for how easy it seems to be for kindergarten children to transition to their first year of formal school. For the first week, I believed to be all the readiness skills that we had instilled in the children and how often and excitedly we had talked about going to “Big School” during our Kindergarten Classes at Guppy’s Early Learning Centre is why the transition seems so effortless for our children. While sitting out the front of the Prep room waiting for our first day of hug, drop and go. The little boy sitting beside me says “Hey Mum, there is Kayla, would you like to meet her?” “Sure, what a great idea” the boy’s Mum responds excitedly – They walk over to another little girl waiting with her Father. The little boy grabs out a treasure he has brought from home to give to her, she thanks him with bright wide eyes. The door for the prep room opens the little boy gives his mum a quick cuddle, then the little girl places her arm around the little boy’s shoulders and they walk into their class together without so much as a tiny wave back at their parents. Read more