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Our Vision is to provide exceptional childcare through personalised service.

2018 - School Ready with Amazing Gear

Being in the business of childcare and having children ourselves, we recognised that a lot of stuff does go missing, Socks, undies (Toddler room in Toilet training season) water bottles the list can go on… We have compiled a list of our favourite back to school products and GUESS WHAT they are all named and very cute!

Everyday Backpack Combo from Tiny Me - $85.00 - Gets you a fully personalised Backpack and matching lunch box that zip together that’s forward thinking!

Bento Box from Stuck on you - $49.95 – Perfect child sized hard lunch box that doesn’t need separate containers that are bound to get lost.
Funky Feet Shoe Labels from Bright Star Kids - $10.95 for 6 pairs – Super handy shoe labels that also help children identify the Left and right foot – handy for busy mornings!

Textile Marker Stamp from Mine Stamp – Approx $30.00 – This stamp allows you to change the stamp at anytime so great for siblings stamp it on the clothing and it is done – No ironing involved.

Starting day care name label pack 212 different sized labels for various applications for $33.00 at Hippo blue.

Custom Shoe by Bobux, colour in your schools with the pens provided, leave to dry then enjoy, these shoes are child safe, non toxic and podiatrist endorsed.

We hope that these great products that have been tried and tested help you and your family in the coming year and years to come!

For tips on helping your little one get ready for the new year in care please click here

Have a great New Year and Pop to our Facebook page to WIN a personalised bag set from Tiny Me.

Welcome Back to the new school year,

Suzanne Parker

General Manger/ Owner