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Our Vision is to provide exceptional childcare through personalised service.

Guppy's Early Learning Centre - Deagon

Guppy’s Early Learning Centre at Deagon is securely located at the top of market square at the end of Sandgate Road this centre is at the height of convenience with ample parking, an array of stores and a gym on location. Guppy’s Deagon boasts two massive, engaging, recently renovated playgrounds with the play areas being well shaded, surrounded by many beautiful garden beds. Guppy’s Deagon has spacious, welcoming open plan rooms and reception areas designed to encourage free thought and education based exploration. Our friendly experienced educators will make your family feel at home while enjoying your child’s educational care journey. Guppy’s Deagon is well supported within the local community and the staff and families take pride in being able to develop this support network that envelopes’ our children’s future. Our open door policy constantly see’s our amazing families coming into the service to share their knowledge with the children in our care.

Services provided

Deagon Childcarer's
Caters for age’s 6 Weeks to School age
Government Approved Kindergarten Program
Interactive Whiteboard in the Kindergarten room
Adopt a cop visits
Physi kids
Wipes and Sunscreen Provided
Nutritious Meals Provided

What's on
Tooth Fairy Show - Deagon

Date: Wednesday the 28th of March 2018
Time: 10.30am

To Celebrate WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY Tuesday the 20th of March, We are having a Tooth Fairy visit our centre to help us to take care of our teeth, mouth and gums.
If you child does not attend this day please feel free to book an extra day with your Nominated Supervisor.

How to find us